Custom Mylar Stencils


Custom designed and laser cut mylar stencils from images, photographs, logos, text etc.   We can supply the images or we can use yours when designing a custom stencil.  Most ordinary drawings can be turned into stencils.  If you have an image that you would like to be made into a reusable stencil, we can do it.

Stencil Specifications:


We use two types of stencil material, regular industrial mylar and tacky back mylar.  Both are reusable and very durable.  Stencils are laser cut.


  • Standard Stencil - 7.5 mil mylar.  Wall applications and decorative stenciling. 
  • Adhesive backed Stencil - 7 mil mylar.  Adheres securely to surface. 
  • All our stencils are flexible, durable, and reusable.
  • Stencils are Laser cut.
  • Other thicknesses available.
  • We can use your graphic images and text or ours.
  • Single stencil sizes up to 12 x 24 inches.  Interlocking stencils built to any size

About Designs

 We have made many more laser cut stencils and are willing to custom make a new or modify an existing design based on your needs. 


 The pricing of Stencils will vary depending on size and complexity.  The average prices range from 35 dollars for small simple designs to 150 dollars for large complex designs.  The stencils are laser cut.  When you send us your design, we can submit an estimate of the final price. 


 We would appreciate making laser cut stencils for you.  For information or to send us your text and images, Please use the Contact Us form.