Temporary Tattoos for Kids


Custom designed and printed, laser cut temporary tattoos from your images, photographs, logos, text etc.  Shown are some pre-made tattoos that were made for the "Kids Choice Sports Awards."    Most ordinary images and text will work.  The white in your images will be transparent in the tattoo.

Tattoo Specifications

  • Most any size will work.
  • White image in image will be clear in tattoo.
  • Tattoos will wash off.


 The pricing for Tattoos will vary depending on complexity.  The average prices range from 2.50 dollars for simple designs to 4.50 dollars for complex designs.  A minimum order of six (6) is required.  When you send us your design, we can submit an estimate of the final price. 

About Designs

 We have made many more laser cut tattoo for kids designs and are willing to custom a new or existing design based on your needs. 


 We would appreciate making a tattoo design for you.  For information or to send us your text and images, Please use the Contact Us form.