Lace Locks for Sneakers

 Our custom engraved sneaker lace locks with your logo or design make unique accessories for all your foot ware.  These two color and two layer sneaker accessories will stand out in any crowd.  Many color combinations to choose from. Text cutouts are also available.  Let us design one for you using your drawings. 

About Lace locks

Lace Lock Specification

  • Made to your custom specifications with your logo, image, and/or text.
  • Most any image and text can be designed to meet your specification. 
  • A wide variety of colors are available.
  • Lace Locks are laser engraved and cut to any shape.
  • Most design sizes are approx. 1.25 inches by .5 inch.  When cropped around an image, the size will be taller. 
  • Can be cropped around images.
  • Full Color Lace Locks are now available.
  • Minimum CUSTOM order is 6 pair.  The more you order, the cheaper it gets.

Material Used

The Sneaker Lace Locks are laser engraved and cut  from two color flexible acrylic.  The image/text is engraved 

through the first layer too reveal the second layer color.

Full color Lace Locks have a vinyl decal over the acrylic which is then laser cut out.

Cutout Lace Locks  have the text laser cut out of the lace lock.

About Designs

 We have made many more sneaker lace lock designs and are willing to custom a new or existing design based on your needs. 


The pricing of Sneaker Lace Lock pairs will vary depending on size and complexity.  The average prices range from 2.50 dollars for small simple designs to 5.00 dollars for color designs.  Minimum QTY of six (6) pairs is required.  A setup charge of 30 dollars is required for each design.  This charge is non-recurring.  When you send us your design, we can submit an estimate of the final price. 


 We would appreciate making a sneaker lace lock design for you.  For information or to send us your text and images, Please use the Contact Us form.