Engraved Wood Bookmarks

Custom Engraved Wood Bookmarks make unique Gift Ideas, Birthday, Party or Wedding Favors, or promotional products. Engraved Wood Bookmarks create a stunning accent as book page markers.   We will engrave your images, logos, photos, web address and clipart on Wood Bookmarks. 

Wood Bookmark Specifications

  • Wood Bookmarks are approximately 6 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.
  • Super thin .5mm three ply plywood. Strong and flexible. About 5 sheets of paper thick. 
  • Words may be added on the bookmark shaft.
  • Designs and logo's may be engraved in the top section.
  • Choose any MS Word font.
  • Be creative.


 The pricing of engraved Wood Bookmarks will vary depending on complexity.  The average prices range from 2.50 dollars for simple designs to 3.50 dollars for complex designs.  A minimum order of twelve (12) is required.  When you send us your design, we can submit an estimate of the final price. 

About Designs

 We have made many more engraved wood bookmarks designs and are willing to custom a new or existing design based on your needs. 


 We would appreciate making an engraved wood bookmark design for you.  For information or to send us your text and images, Please use the Contact Us form.